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From: Marisa CatalŠn Cid <Ma.Luisa.Catalan(at)>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 17:03:16 +0200

> > | Nach der Instruction " /usr/sbin/config KERNEL" bekamm ich solches
> Ergebnis:
> > |
> > | ... unknown option "x1"
> > | ... unknown option "x2"
> >
> > Kannst Du bitte komplette Fehlermeldung posten ?

         Diese ist die komplete Fehlermeldung:
         " KERNMOD:214: unknown option "NOIMP"
           KERNMOD:213: unknown option "CENTRAL"
           KERNMOD:212: unknown option "RODALIES"
         Don't forget to do a ``make depend''
         Kernel build directory is ../../compile/KERNMOD "
>Erstens dieses und zweitens bitte auch die vollstaendige
         Die KERNEL-Konfiguration ( ich habe nur die letzen 4 Zeilen gešndert):

# GENERIC -- Generic machine with WD/AHx/NCR/BTx family disks
# For more information read the handbook part System Administration ->
# Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel -> The Configuration File.
# The handbook is available in /usr/share/doc/handbook or online as
# latest version from the FreeBSD World Wide Web server
# <URL:http://www.FreeBSD.ORG/>
# An exhaustive list of options and more detailed explanations of the
# device lines is present in the ./LINT configuration file. If you are
# in doubt as to the purpose or necessity of a line, check first in LINT.
# $Id: GENERIC,v 1999/05/14 15:12:26 jkh Exp $

machine "i386"
cpu "I386_CPU"
cpu "I486_CPU"
cpu "I586_CPU"
cpu "I686_CPU"
maxusers 32

options MATH_EMULATE #Support for x87 emulation
options INET #InterNETworking


# The following Ethernet NICs are all PCI devices.
device ax0 # ASIX AX88140A
device de0 # DEC/Intel DC21x4x (``Tulip'')
device fxp0 # Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B (82557, 82558)
device mx0 # Macronix 98713/98715/98725 (``PMAC'')
device pn0 # Lite-On 82c168/82c169 (``PNIC'')
device rl0 # RealTek 8129/8139
device tl0 # Texas Instruments ThunderLAN
device tx0 # SMC 9432TX (83c170 ``EPIC'')
device vr0 # VIA Rhine, Rhine II
device vx0 # 3Com 3c590, 3c595 (``Vortex'')
device wb0 # Winbond W89C840F
device xl0 # 3Com 3c90x (``Boomerang'', ``Cyclone'')


pseudo-device loop
pseudo-device ether
pseudo-device sl 1
pseudo-device ppp 1
pseudo-device tun 1
pseudo-device pty 16
pseudo-device gzip # Exec gzipped a.out's

# KTRACE enables the system-call tracing facility ktrace(2).
# This adds 4 KB bloat to your kernel, and slightly increases
# the costs of each syscall.
options KTRACE #kernel tracing

# This provides support for System V shared memory and message queues.
options SYSVSHM
options SYSVMSG
options SYSVSEM

# The `bpfilter' pseudo-device enables the Berkeley Packet Filter. Be
# aware of the legal and administrative consequences of enabling this
# option. The number of devices determines the maximum number of
# simultaneous BPF clients programs runnable.
pseudo-device bpfilter 4 #Berkeley packet filter

options RODALIES
options CENTRAL
options NOIMP

Der files.i386 ist der "default" FreeBSD + diesen 3 Zeilen:

" /netinet/modificat.c optional central
         /netinet/funcions.c optional rodalies
         /netinet/vertent.c optional rodalies "

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