Soundkarte unter FreeBSD

From: Axel Stegner <axt(at)>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:42:39 +0200 (MET DST)


mal wieder 'ne Soundkartenfrage :-)
Nachdem ich den letzten Thread gelesen habe laeuft jetzt Luigi's Treiber,
aber wo kommt das audio1 - Device her ? MAKEDEV hat es mit unterschiedlichsten
Optionen nicht erzeugt.


Aus meinem dmesg:
 Probing for PnP devices:
 CSN 1 Vendor ID: CTL0028 [0x28008c0e] Serial 0x10107969
 This is a SB16 PnP, but LDN 0 is disabled

pnpinfo sagt:
 Checking for Plug-n-Play devices...

 Card assigned CSN #1
 Vendor ID CTL0028 (0x28008c0e), Serial Number 0x10107969
 PnP Version 1.0, Vendor Version 16
 Device Description: Creative SB16 PnP

 Logical Device ID: CTL0031 0x31008c0e #0
 Device Description: Audio
 TAG Start DF
 Good Configuration
    IRQ: 5 - only one type (true/edge)
    DMA: channel(s) 1

Luigi schreibt:
Common mistakes:

* you are trying to use /dev/audio0 instead of /dev/audio1
  For technical reasons, a PnP device is attached as unit 1 instead
  of unit 0 -- most applications are programmed to access the audio
  hardware through /dev/audio, /dev/dsp, /dev/mixer which are in turn
  symlinks to the correct device entries. Check them and possibly fix
  these symlinks in /dev
Received on Fri 28 Aug 1998 - 15:49:49 CEST

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