Re: Translator's mailing list, and/or tools

From: Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki(at)>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 18:47:05 +0900

CHOI Junho <junker(at)> wrote:
> I think so. But most translators may not want another english-based
> mailing list(for them their mother tongue mailing list is
> sufficient). How about making mailing list only for translation team
> leaders? Translation team leaders can decide to forward the messages
> to their translation team members if it is important for all their
> members. You can announce important translation-related changes of
> FreeBSD document system.

I agree your idea.

> It is written for Korean only. Since even we don't have complete
> environment for FreeBSD documents for Korean(e.g. for PostScript
> generation, we lacks Korean-aware groff), it is far from being
> complete, but we are going now.

Did you try the Japanese groff (ja-groff)? ja-groff accepts
Japanese-EUC documents, so you can modify ja-groff to accept
Korean-EUC documents.

Hmm... Non-Internatilalization of utilities (groff, man, etc.)
is big problem.

Japanese manuals are already in the FreeBSD doc.?? distribution,
and they are installed under /usr/share/man/ja/.
But we cannot read Japanese manuals by using /usr/bin/man...
Japanese version of man (jman), groff (jgroff) must be installed.

I think this situation is very bad. In the near future, other
translation (Korean, Chinese, etc.) of FreeBSD manuals will be
available. So FreeBSD standard groff and man should be
Internatinalized, I think.

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