Re: [doc-jp 5722] Translator's mailing list, and/or tools

From: CHOI Junho <junker(at)>
Date: 03 Jan 1999 16:35:05 +0900

>>>>> "MK" == Motoyuki Konno <motoyuki(at)> writes:

> First, would it be useful if there was a "translations" mailing list,
> for you guys to discuss issues relating to translating FreeBSD
> documentation, share tips, and so on? Or is -doc sufficient?

    MK> I think "translation mailing list" would be very useful.

I think so. But most translators may not want another english-based
mailing list(for them their mother tongue mailing list is
sufficient). How about making mailing list only for translation team
leaders? Translation team leaders can decide to forward the messages
to their translation team members if it is important for all their
members. You can announce important translation-related changes of
FreeBSD document system.

> Secondly, do any of you have your own documentation on how you're
> managing the translations? I'm getting messages from people wanting
> to translate the docs to other languages (which is great) but I can't
> offer them a great deal of help because I don't know what's involved
> day-to-day.

    MK> Our documentation are available at,
    MK> But these are all in Japanese... Contents are as follows:

We have something like that: (euc-kr encoding)

It is written for Korean only. Since even we don't have complete
environment for FreeBSD documents for Korean(e.g. for PostScript
generation, we lacks Korean-aware groff), it is far from being
complete, but we are going now.

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