Translator's mailing list, and/or tools

From: Nik Clayton <nik(at)>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 01:05:07 +0000

Hi folks,

I've cc'd this to all the people currently working on translating the
FreeBSD documentation.

Two things have occured to me, with my Doc. Proj. Manager hat on.

First, would it be useful if there was a "translations" mailing list,
for you guys to discuss issues relating to translating FreeBSD
documentation, share tips, and so on? Or is -doc sufficient?

Secondly, do any of you have your own documentation on how you're
managing the translations? I'm getting messages from people wanting
to translate the docs to other languages (which is great) but I can't
offer them a great deal of help because I don't know what's involved

Obviously, I can encourage them, let them know that they really need to
know how to use CVSup, how to submit documentation changes, and so on,
but that's about it.

What I'm really looking for is a "This is how you translate the
FAQ/HandBook/Manpages" document that people can be pointed to. I don't
suppose any of you have one, or are working on one?


		       subterra superque womblia liber
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