Re: Port mit allen Abhängigkeiten löschen?

From: Christian Weisgerber <naddy(at)>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:42:50 +0000 (UTC)

Polytropon <freebsd(at)> wrote:

> > Dummerweise habe ich online keine Manpage zu pkg gefunden,
> > so dass ich selbst nachschlagen könnte.
> Das liegt daran, daß es offenbar keine gibt. Schade.


pkg(8), pkg-static(8) - a utility for manipulating packages
pkg-add(8), pkg add(8) - Registers a package and installs it on the system
pkg-annotate(8), pkg annotate(8) - add, modify or delete arbitrary annotations from packages
pkg-audit(8), pkg audit(8) - Audits installed packages against known vulnerabilities
pkg-autoremove(8), pkg autoremove(8) - removes orphan packages
pkg-backup(8), pkg backup(8) - backup and restore the local package database
pkg-check(8), pkg check(8) - sanity checks installed packages
pkg-clean(8), pkg clean(8) - Cleans the local cache of fetched remote packages
pkg-config(8), pkg config(8) - retrieve the value of a given configuration option
pkg-convert(8), pkg convert(8) - convert from/to pkgng database format
pkg-create(8), pkg create(8) - a utility for creating software package distributions
pkg-delete(8), pkg delete(8) - deletes packages from the database and the system
pkg-fetch(8), pkg fetch(8) - Fetches remote packages
pkg-info(8), pkg info(8) - displays information for packages
pkg-install(8), pkg install(8) - installs packages from remote package repositories
pkg-lock(8), pkg lock(8), pkg unlock(8) - lock or unlock packages
pkg-query(8), pkg query(8) - query information for installed packages
pkg-register(8), pkg register(8) - registers a package into the local package database
pkg-repo(8), pkg repo(8) - creates a package repository catalogue
pkg-repository(5), package repository(5) - format and operation of package repositories used by pkg(8)
pkg-rquery(8), pkg rquery(8) - query information from remote repositories
pkg-search(8), pkg search(8) - search package repository catalogues
pkg-set(8), pkg set(8) - modify information in the installed database
pkg-shell(8), pkg shell(8) - interact with the pkg database
pkg-shlib(8), pkg shlib(8) - displays which installed packages provide a specfic shared library, and those which require it by containg binaries that link to it library is the filename of the library, without any leading path, but including the ABI version number. Only exact matches are handled
pkg-stats(8), pkg stats(8) - package database statistics
pkg-update(8), pkg update(8) - updates the local copies of repository catalogues from the configured package repositories
pkg-updating(8), pkg updating(8) - displays UPDATING entries of software packages
pkg-upgrade(8), pkg upgrade(8) - performs upgrades of package software distributions
pkg-version(8), pkg version(8) - summarize installed versions of packages
pkg-which(8), pkg which(8) - displays which package installed a specific file
pkg.conf(5) - System-wide configuration file for pkg(1)
pkg_printf(3), pkg_fprintf(3), pkg_dprintf(3), pkg_snprintf(3), pkg_asprintf(3), pkg_sbuf_printf(3), pkg_vprintf(3), pkg_vfprintf(3), pkg_vdprintf(3), pkg_vsnprintf(3), pkg_vasprintf(3), pkg_sbuf_vprintf(3) - formatted output of package data
pkg_repos(3), pkg_repos_total_count(3), pkg_repos_activated_count pkg_repo_url(3), pkg_repo_ident(3), pkg_repo_name(3), pkg_repo_ident_from_name pkg_repo_key(3), pkg_repo_fingerprints pkg_repo_signature_type(3), pkg_repo_mirror_type(3), pkg_repo_enabled pkg_repo_find_ident(3), pkg_repo_find_name(3) - manipulate repositories

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