Re: Netzwerk (mal wieder) zu langsam

From: Robert Lillack <rob(at)>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 15:46:14 +0100

Steffen Beyer wrote:

> Interessant ist es, die man-pages verschiedener Systeme
> zu vergleichen:

  Increasing the read and write size with the -r and -w
  options respectively will increase throughput if the
  hardware can handle the larger packet sizes. The default
  size for version 2 is 8k when using UDP, 64k when using
  TCP. The default size for v3 is platform dependent: on
  i386, the default is 32k, for other platforms it is 8k.
  Values over 32k are only supported for TCP, where 64k is
  the maximum. Any value over 32k is unlikely to get you
  more performance, unless you have a very fast network.

Aus der Solaris/NetBSD-Kombination schliesse ich, dass ich
Linux-ManPages in Bezug auf solche Sachen in Zukunft gar
nicht mehr trauen werde.

Gruesse, Rob.

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