Re: Anrufbeantworter

From: Nicolas Rachinsky <list(at)>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 14:01:19 +0200

* Ralf Kessler <ralf(at)> [2003-09-02 13:12 +0200]:
> dem 1. Läuten an bzw speichert Nachrichten, allerdings hab ich noch nirgends
> ne Einstellmöglichkeit gefunden, daß er erst nach dem 5. Klingeln
> eingehende Anrufe entgegen nimmt. Wo kann ich das einstellen?

man isdnd.rc
             alert is used to specify a time in seconds to wait
                            before accepting a call. This keyword is only
                            usable for incoming telephone calls (dialin-reac-
                            tion = answer). It is used to have a chance to
                            accept an incoming call on the phone before the
                            answering machine starts to run. The minimum
                            value for the alert parameter is 5 seconds and the
                            maximum parameter allowed is 180 seconds.


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