Installations Probleme mit FreeBSD 3.3

From: Axel G. <asg(at)>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 13:59:51 +0100


I got some problems with the installation of FreeBSD 3.3.

First when I cleaned the conflicts in the "Kernel confoguration menu" and
leave the UserConfig, the kernel will continue with the device probes.
But, most of the time (not always) these three lines were the last things
the configuration of FreeBSD is talking to me:

wdc1:unit 0(atapi):<LTN382/UL28>, removable, intr, dma, iordis
atapi1.0:unknown phase
atapi1.0:unknown phase

Sometimes the sysinstall menu is running.
So I thought, "fine its working", but no way.
Sometimes a lot of packages wont be installed, or the installation is just

I got two CD-ROM in my System:
1. Lite On (LTN 382, 40x)
2. Philipps CD Recorder (2x2x24)

It is all IDE, my harddrive is a Seagate (8 gig), also IDE.

So, my question, how can I fix the problem, so that I can use FreeBSD as my
favourite OS ?
I bought the book "The complete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey, but there are no
answers for this problem only your email, so i hope you can help me real

Thanx a lot


Axel Gruner

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