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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 07:30:45 +0200

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Subject: WIN - Alternative (n) ?!???

Hi Wolfram,

supposing you are German based I would ask you some lines on advantages
when using FreeBSD vs. Linux and _especially_ vs. WIN(95/98/NT).

Beeing in deep hurdle with Win95 when reinstalling after a system crash
and trying to add _large_ EIDE diskspace I think about alternatives.

Having tried Linux I was not very happy but quite impressed about its
momentum and the relative ease of use.

Is FreeBSD in any way 'better' than Linux? How about longterm existence?

There seem to exist C7C++/FORTRAN development tools - so any of the
tobe_compiled_torun progs and GNU progs would be runable?

What about graphics? X11R6 - is told not to be 'free' anymore.....
There exists Motif for FreeBSD? (want to use wxWindows, there I have a
Motif port and also a Tcl/Tk based version for graphics - BTW: Tcl/Tk
would run on FreeBSD?)

How many users for FreeBSD roundabout and maybe how many in Germany?

Thanks in advance


Volker C. Falk

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