Neue Software: utftpd

From: Stefan Huerter <maulwurf(at)>
Date: 22 Aug 1999 22:02:00 +0200


Nur mal so zur allgemeinen Info, vielleicht interessierts jemanden?

## Nachricht vom 22.08.99 weitergeleitet
## Ursprung : /QUARKLU2/Maus.Sysop.Quark
## subject : Neue Software: utftpd
## Ersteller: Uwe Ohse(at)DU3
DU3: /pub/uwe/releases/utftpd-0.2.2.tar.gz
Datum: 22.08.1999, 10:48:10
Größe: 145912
    This is GNU utftpd, a replacement for the UNIX tftpd.

    utftpd is a server for the trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP)
    with finer grained access control then the standard UNIX tftpd.

    1. IP address based access control.
    2. support for revision control.
    3. support for the blksize option (RFC 2348).
    4. support for the timeout option (RFC 2349)

    0.2.2 - 22 August 1999

    * the server now uses adaptive timeout.
    * the server now unlinks the received file if it was not received
    * the server now includes a workaround for the "Sorcerer's
Apprentice Syndrome" (as it's called by RFC 1123)

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