Re: Off topic: Nextstep

From: Peter Ross <petros(at)>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:47:52 +0200 (MET DST)


das steht als "Ongoing Work" beim NetBSD-Port:

> Subject: next68k wscons status
> To: None <port-next68k(at)>
> From: matt debergalis <deberg(at)MIT.EDU>
> List: port-next68k
> Date: 01/07/1999 05:26:52
> a status update on the wscons stuff i've been working on...
> i've finished a basic console implementation for the next68k port, using
> wscons. this includes basic drivers for the non-adb NeXT keyboard and
> the 2 bit per pixel (non-color) NeXT framebuffer.
> much work remains, but what exists now is good enough to use as a
> console instead of using the serial line. note that for now, the system
> console is still the serial line - i haven't written the glue code to
> allow the NeXT to boot on the direct console yet.
> also please note that this code is (currently) highly specific for my
> actual hardware. it will not work with color nextstations, or with adb
> keyboards. i probably won't get to supporting color until i get a
> working color machine - mine's currently a bit handicapped. adb will
> likely wait for turbo support, since my older machines don't have adb
> support in the bootrom. (while i don't think this is strictly
> necessary, it would be impossible to use the NeXT rom monitor with such
> a configuration.)

Naja, ich will kein OS portieren, nur an dem Schwarz-Weiss-Monitor
gelegentlich eine Mail schreiben..

Es gruesst

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