Re: Tauglichkeit von Office-Paketen und MS-Freundlichkeit

From: Julian Stacey Jhs(at) <Jhs(at)>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 16:49:09 +0200

Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> Tatsächlich reicht ASCII noch nicht einmal um _gebildetes_ Englisch
> zu schreiben, weil dort diverse Entlehnungen die diakritischen
> Zeichen der Quellsprache beibehalten.

_Absolut Falsch_ !
Aber ueber English zu reden in Deutsch will ich nicht.
I reject the conotation implicit in `_gebildetes_' in particular ! As an
Englishman, University degree in Computers & Cybernetics, British passport
holder, resident in Britain 30 years, then Germany 15 years, still regularly
visiting UK: ASCII is quite sufficient to write English in ! We English in
England (& nowhere better for reference English!) simply ignore all the weirdo
foreign characters & diacritical baggage, & simplify to the nearest character.
We generally have no idea how to pronounce, type or generate 'O's with line
through, 'A's with one or 2 optionally hollow dots over, 'N's with upside down
question marks under, & all the rest of the weirdo stuff. About the only
exceptions are that we occasionally try for a "'" char for the odd French
word, & very occasionally, as a special case, reduce the space between the
odd O & E, (as seen in a sign painted above a "Homeopathic Hospital"). You
might find the odd dictionary compositor or foreign language enthusiast to
support your assertion, but it is still basicaly Wrong !

J.Stacey Munich Unix (FreeBSD, Linux etc) Consultant
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