Re: Unixe oder Unices?

From: Julian Stacey <jhs(at)>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 00:23:30 +0100

> On Saturday, 19 February 2000 at 5:54:25 +0100, Melanie Eckenfels wrote:
> > Unices oder Unixe?
> Hmm. Ich glaube nicht, dass es eine eindeutige Schreibweise gibt.
> Ich habe selbst bisweilen beide verwandt.
> Greg

Ich auch, aber meist "Unixes", sehr selten "Unices" ...

Ref. BSTJ (Bell Systems Technical Journal) July-August 1978 ISSN0005-8580
Vol 57 No 6 Part 2 Page 1899:
  "UNIX is a trademark for a family of computer operating systems developed
  at Bell Laboratories" .... "The UNIX story begins with Ken Thompson's work
  on a cast-off PDP-7 minicomputer in 1969"

Ich habe durch den BSTJ kurz geblattert - es waere wie ich erinnert:
alle autoren hatte immer daselber problemen, & hatte es geloescht mit dass
doppel wort loesung "UNIX (TM) systems".

Friends in 1978 @ (Univ. of Kent at Canterbury, England, my first
Unix site :-) concluded it was probably `correct' to use `Unices', but it
sounds ugly, so we often didn't ... Anyway we were English, not American, &
"Unix" the trademark was sold to SCO, last I recall, so it's still American
owned, so apply American grammar rules, whatever, (I'm English, & claim no
expertise in American grammar ;-)

PS "Unix" was often suspected to have derived some name inspiration (as well as
   content) from "Multics"... (Ob Multics * 2 = Multices ? oder Multixes ? :-)

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