Re: Plötzliche Rechnerinstabilität

From: Wolfram Schneider <wosch(at)>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 12:34:24 +0200

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> Seit 2½ Tagen ist mein heimatlicher FreeBSD-Rechner aus heiterem
> Himmel plötzlich extrem instabil.

Probieren mit ein andere netzteil....

2 years ago I had a system that was unstable, & generaly weird,
after doing the more sophisticated checks you'r currently doing, I
finaly swapped supplies ... & it's run fine for the next 2 years.
I recall a DVM (digital volt meter) did not show particularly bad voltages,
(no worse than usual PC rubbish ;-)
I'd have probably needed to use a 'scope to see the noise,
& even then it was probably only occasional.
If you'r using power extenders ( 5+12V Y cables ) clean the contacts & gently
squeeze them in, they could drop voltage &/or induce noise.

Gute besserung :-)

Julian H. Stacey
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