Re: daemon stories ( german customs )

From: John S. Dyson <toor(at)>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 23:25:30 -0500 (EST)

Jordan K. Hubbard said:
> I think people shouldn't be too put out by these occasional incidents.
> There are some good ones about texas rednecks and "we just wanted to
> know what the lord of darkness was doing on your chest, Maam?" which
> involve our little mascot and go back several decades. If it proves
> anything at all, it's that there are still religious elements in
> various western societies who'd probably be a lot happier living in
> someplace like Iran and should probably move there at the first
> opportunity. :)
Well, as many people know, I live in Indiana (midwest US.) The states
bordering on Indiana include Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. In
most areas of those states, I think one could easily find people who
misunderstand the Daemon. The risk isn't the 99% of people who are
either tolerant or kind-of understand, it is the 1% who are fools that
one might run into, and do the Lord's work, expunging the forces
of "evil."

Not only does one need to worry about people who are religious, but
one also has to worry about those who simply want a target. IMO, the
daemon issue, isn't a problem, but one can make it a problem showing
the daemon to the wrong people. Here in Central Indiana, we have problems
with kids getting into devil worship cults, and wouldn't be very surprised
that soccer moms could be concerned also. Then we have the "bikers",
who have to practice their skills once in a while, and who else to
practice them on? (Skills include target practice with a baseball bat,
using a head as a target.)

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