New smoking blends

From: Anne <ddvzwxmt(at)>
Date: 11 Feb 2003 22:18:43 +1100

Renegade Botanicals...Offering
  The World's Finest, Most Potent,
    Legal Cannabis/Marijuanna Alternatives!


For Your Absolutely Legal Delight & Pleasuring! The BEST EVER!!
(You must be 21 Years of age)
  1.) CHEN CHEN HERBA: Very mellow, uplifting and happy; just a few draws of “Sensitive”“Smoka”. Clean, loose-leaf; Roll it or bowl it!! (pipe included) 2oz...$75.00
 2.) TONGA TAI BRICK: Solid amalgamation of high-ratio; strike-alchemized,(brickened & kiffened) exoticas. Indeed a “Sensitive/Responsive’ pipe-smoking substance. Just a pinch Smokes a long, long way…A most significant remedy. Absolutely a depressive/ regressive!!! (pipe included) 2oz.brick...$115.00
 3.) TONGA TAI HAPPY DROPS: A breakthrough!!! Liquid Toke for the non-smoker. Under the tongue or in juice….70+ servings. 2oz. dropper bottle...$115.00
 4.) LASCIVIOUS EROTOMANIA APHRODISIA DROPS: Promotes both physical & psychological Desire & Uninhibitedness. For men & women!!! Under the tongue or in juice. 45+ servings. 1 oz. dropper bottle...$90.00
 5.) HARMONY SNOOT: An inhalant powder originally designed to help end cocaine and methamphetamine dependencies. Very psychologically uplifting, very mood-enhancing, very multi-level (body-mind-spirit) energizing. Non-invasive!!! Just a little “row” is all you need...3 dry oz. bottle (well over 600 servings) (includes glass snooter)...$85.00

 6.) OOH LA LA...INTRO OFFER...Everything Above for...$210.00
                 (Reg. Price...$480.00)
 TO ORDER/MORE INFO please call 1 (719) 661-3442 during normal business hours. All orders shipped next day via; U.S. Priority Mail. Please add $7.00 S & H to all orders. All credit cards accepted. Thank you for your wonderful attention!!!! God Bless...



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