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Subject: Documentation and applications translation glossary

Hi all,

In case you are involved with authoring or translation vocabulary issues,
the following ressource might interest you:


(set your browser to UTF-8 if you want this page correctly displayed).

It's a translation glossary. It helps sticking to consistent English
and translated vocabulary when writing or translating applications and
technical documentation. It also helps with some classical ambiguities
(free software vs. freeware, for example).

This glossary has currently 453 entries, and keeps growing.

For the moment, each entry is available in the following languages:

        en English
        de German
        es Spanish
        fr French
        it Italian
        pt Portuguse
        pt_BR Portuguese of Brazil

and I'm hoping to see some Asian languages supported very soon.

This glossary is under FDL license, with no invariant sections. This
means that you can freely modify it. The XML sources are available at:


The sources are currently in iso-8859-1. This naturally needs to be
changed if some non-western language gets added. These sources conform to
an ad-hoc DTD, and custom XSLT style sheets are used to convert the sources
to HTML. Both the DTD and the style sheets are available too, of course.
If you want to send me new versions of this glossary, I can store them
at the same location, provided that you do not do changes nor removals,
but only additions. This restriction is only because I have not enough
ressources to change existing English texts or translations at Caldera so
they keep conforming to the glossary. I do not pretend that we have
chosen the best vocabulary and translations that one could imagine when
we have built this glossary ;-).

If you do not agree with this restriction, I have no philosophical
problems with every interested distribution or project maintaining its
own version of the glossary. Eric S. Raymond can notice that this is
an unusual case where splits are not necessarily a bad thing, and could
even make a lot of sense ;-).

I hope that this initiative of a translation glossary helps.

ric Bischoff  -  Documentation and Localization
Caldera (Deutschland) GmbH - Linux for eBusiness
Tel: +49 9131 7192 300 -  Fax: +49 9131 7192 399
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