Re: Fix for links to man pages with dots in their name

From: Dima Dorfman <dima(at)>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 14:11:25 -0700

Udo Erdelhoff <ue(at)> writes:
> Hi Dima,
> we're using a copy of the routines in the english version of freebsd.dsl
> so I think that we can easily shift the blame :-)

Of course. I'm not blaming anybody. If I made it sound that way I

> > Attached is an untested patch for the German translation which should
> > fix it there as well (assuming you're using the same man.cgi as
> >
> Sorry, but there is a slight problem with your patch. If you take a look
> at the HTML code it generates, you'll find:
> The &amp; should be replaced by a literal &. Otherwise, man.cgi will ignore
> the selection of the section. It seems to work until you have an URL for
> a command that has manpages in different sections. You'll always get the
> manpage for the first section.

I can't reproduce this. Yes, I didn't know that it would put an "&amp;"
instead of just a "&" there, but it seems to work both ways. Here's my
test page: All the
links return the right man page (or an error in the case of printf(9)).
What browser are you trying this with? Both Lynx and Netscape DTRT for me.

                                        Dima Dorfman

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