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  Hello, world,

  So far the internationalization project is off to a good start.
  We've got people in the DE, ES, and FR locales (at a minimum)
  working on translating the utility message files.

  Since there are many bin, usr.bin, sbin, and usr.sbin utilities,
 the more interested participants, the better.

  I'm taking care of the guts of the i18n stuff. This includes
  modifying the Makefiles, creating the nls/ tree with its message
  files, and modifying the *.c files so that the messages can
  work correctly. I've already demonstrated several of the utilities
  so far to prove the initial concept. Automation tools and help from
 a number in the international community have proven another 8 or 10.
  To date 30-some utilitites are ready to go.

  I'm aiming the completed task to be acceptable to the entire BSD
  community, Free, Net, and OpenBSD...and beyond that, for anyone
  else in the open-source effort.

  Right now I'm looking for someone to translate 5 or 6 message files
  from English into German.

  Interested? drop a line.



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