Wanted Home Product Assemblers

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 04:49:53 -0500

Looking For An Extra Income? How would you like to Assemble Products at Home & get Paid! Choose your own Hours! Be your own Boss! Easy Work! Excellent Pay! Earn Hundreds of Dollars Weekly! Here are just a few examples of the work you will have to choose from:
Wooden Products - up to $220.00 Weekly!
Hair Accessories - up to $320.00 Weekly!
Hoilday Crafts - up to $270.00 Weekly!
Beaded Accessories - up to $350.00 Weekly!
.......plus many others. There are over 75 Companies to choose from! Why not enjoy the Benefits and Freedom of Home Assembly Work! To Get Started.......Call Toll Free 1-800-600-0343 Office Extension # 2425.

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