Let Programmers Worldwide Bid On Your Tech Projects

From: Carlo Gandolfini <mediaking8(at)libero.it>
Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 9:46 AM

Can you imagine being able to post any kind of computer project and have a variety of programmers from this country as well as all over the world bid on it? It is the power of outsourcing merged with the power of auction bidding, and may the best man win. Our programming team can handle anything you have in mind: C++, Oracle, Java, ASP, Visual Basic, Web design, business applications, security and cryptography, database apps, and anything else you want to post. They work on all operating system platforms: .NET, Windows CE, Palm, as well as platforms you never heard of. And it costs you nothing up front to post a job. Just pay a very small commission if and when you find a programmer that meets your needs. <p></p>
Are you a talented programmer or do you run a programming operation? Want more work? If you can answer "Yes", then we're just what you're looking for.<p></p>
For more info: http://www.project-outsource.net.dj@ns.todnkewgrpy.ph/search.php?id=oucomnw <p></p>
You received this mail because this is a Join Up List. If you feel you received is in error, click here http://www.project-outsource.net.dj@ns.todnkewgrpy.ph/search.php?id=oucomnr and we will courteously take you off our rosters.<p></p>

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