From: MUHAMMED USMAN <mm5555usman(at)rediffmail.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 05:11:16 +0100

I am MR MUHAMMED USMAN, the General manager of Equitorial Bank, Lagos branch
I wish to make you an urgent proposal of mutual benefit for you and I.
It is also my resolve to import into MY country, products at the successful
conclusion of this business from you.

On the 7th day of june, 1999 an American oil consultant/contractor with
the (Nigerian national petroleum corporation), Mr. Frank Kelly made a
numbered time (fixed) deposit for twelve calendar months valued at US$35,500,000(thirty
million, five hundred thousand US dollars only) in my branch. On maturity
I sent routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.
After one month we sent a reminder and we discovered from his contact
employers, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. That Mr. Frank
Kelly died in an automobile accident. On further investigation, we found
that he died without making a will, an all attempt by the American embassy
in Nigeria to trace his next of kin was fruitless.

At this juncture, I decided to call up Mr. Frank Kelly?s file and discovered
that Mr. frank Kelly did not declare any next of kin or relation in his
bank deposition paper work, or his official document/it now downed on
me that no one will come forward to claim this money, and according to
Nigerian law, this money US$35,500,000(thirty five million, five hundred
US DOLLARS only) sitting as dormant account with ever to the ownership
of a Nigerian Government .if the account owner is certified dead and
nobody comes forward to claim the money.

This is the general situation and I am proposing that you stand as the
next of kin and beneficiary to Frank?s estate. This is simple and all
you have to do is to send to me the details of bank account any where
in the world or personal information that will enable me arrange for
all the paper works that will effect the transactions. When this is settled.
It is my wish that will share it satisfactorily.

The necessary paper works for this transaction will be done by me regarding
my position and contacts with the banking industry in Nigeria .We only
have to employ the services of an attorney who will draft a will and
obtain all necessary documents and letters of administration in your
favour for the transfer. The lawyer will not be a problem since he will
be taken care of.

If this business interests you please contact me without delay, through
my private fax line 234-1-7594728 or my email address: mm5555usman(at)rediffmail.com
as you obviously will agree with me, this transaction by it?s very nature
demands to be treated with utmost confidence which I am trusting you
can do. You stand to loose nothing but only gain. Please assist me.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Best Regard

Received on Wed 17 Jul 2002 - 06:11:21 CEST

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