Re: pkg downgrade?

From: Christian Weisgerber <naddy(at)>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 17:48:13 +0000 (UTC)

On 2016-12-01, Markus <universe(at)> wrote:

> Bei der Gelegenheit moechte ich gerne Offtopicmaessig dazu beitragen:
> Wenn ihr vi(m) benutzt, schaut euch doch mal die Erweiterung "VimFx"
> (Firefox) oder "Vimium" (Chrome) an. Damit lässt sich der Browser fast
> 100% per Tastatur bedienen.

Oder gleich xombrero (basiert auf WebKit).

  xombrero is a minimalist web browser with sophisticated security
  features designed-in, rather than through an add-on after-the-fact.
  In particular, it provides both persistent and per-session controls
  for scripts and cookies, making it easy to thwart tracking and
  scripting attacks. In additional to providing a familiar mouse-based
  interface like other web browsers, it offers a set of vi-like
  keyboard commands for users who prefer to keep their hands on
  their keyboard. The default settings provide a secure environment.
  With simple keyboard commands, the user can "whitelist" specific
  sites, allowing cookies and scripts from those sites.

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