RE: AW: RE: Jail+Internet

From: Peter Ross <Peter.Ross(at)>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 16:33:40 +1000 (EST)


vielleicht hilft Dir das?

Aus der jail(8) manpage:


           This MIB entry determines whether or not prison root is allowed to
           create raw sockets. Setting this MIB to 1 allows utilities like
           ping(8) and traceroute(8) to operate inside the prison. If this MIB
           is set, the source IP addresses are enforced to comply with the IP
           address bound to the jail, regardless of whether or not the
           IP_HDRINCL flag has been set on the socket. Since raw sockets can
           be used to configure and interact with various network subsystems,
           extra caution should be used where privileged access to jails is
           given out to untrusted parties. As such, by default this option is


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