AW: Re: mount_msdosfs -> disc too big ??

From: Daniel Graupner <listen(at)>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 09:24:54 +0100

>Pack mal 'options MSDOSFS_LARGE' in deine Kernelkonfiguration. Das
>sollte helfen.

Hmm, NOTES sagt dazu:
# Experimental support for large MS-DOS filesystems.
# WARNING: This uses at least 32 bytes of kernel memory (which is not
# reclaimed until the FS is unmounted) for each file on disk to map
# between the 32-bit inode numbers used by VFS and the 64-bit pseudo-inode
# numbers used internally by msdosfs. This is only safe to use in certain
# controlled situations (e.g. read-only FS with less than 1 million files).
# Since the mappings do not persist across unmounts (or reboots), these
# filesystems are not suitable for exporting through NFS, or any other
# application that requires fixed inode numbers.

Ich glaube nicht das ich das riskieren will, ich brauche eine stabile Einbindung.
Das Problem ist also das Mapping zwischen 32-bit inode numbers und 64-bit pseudo-inode numbers? Sehr schade, wie ist denn dann die maximal mögliche Größe ohne dieses experimentelle Feature zu benötigen?

Grüße, Daniel.

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