kdelibs3: Muss ich jetzt alles auf qt basierende neu übersetzen?

From: Heino Tiedemann <rotkaps_spam_trap(at)gmx.de>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:12:27 +0200


ich lese gerade in $portsdir/UPDATING
| 20050710:
| AFFECTS: users of x11-toolkits/qt33, x11/kdelibs3
| AUTHOR: kde(at)FreeBSD.org
| If you have compiled qt33 with the KDE_OPTIONS option checked (if your
| installed qt-package is called qt-copy-3.3.4 instead of qt-3.3.4, check
| with pkg_info), you should cvsup and recompile qt33 and everything
| depending on it:
| portupgrade -rf qt\*
| Previous versions of the qt33 port contained a patch that
| introduces binary incompatibility between unpatched qt33 and software
| compiled against a patched qt33.
| Symptoms of the binary incompatibility: Unresolved symbol warnings from
| various KDE/Qt applications (both during runtime or compiling/linking),
| "Could not start kdeinit" dialogs during KDE startup, kicker crashes during
| exiting KDE.

Noch mal zur sicherheit: Nur, wenn ich einen Ports namens
qt-copy-3.3.4 installiert habe muss ich das alles machen, oder?

Ich habe den nämlich nicht:

rincewind:/home/rotkap> pkg_info -I q\*
qmake-3.3.4 The build utility of the Qt project
qt-3.3.4 Multiplatform C++ application framework


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