Re: portupgrade failed to generate INDEX

From: Heino Tiedemann <rotkaps_spam_trap(at)>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 13:31:59 +0100

Olaf Hoyer <ohoyer(at)> wrote:

> Hatte heute auf meinem 4.10-stable System mal die ports geupdated, und
> wollte dann mit portupgrade loslegen, leider versucht er dann, den
> ports index zu bauen, was richtig CPU frisst (Luefter vom Notebook
> dreht spontan richtig hoch), auf ein CTRL-C meckert er dann an, dass
> es einen index generation error gab...
> Was ist das, und vor allen Dingen: was kann ich dagegen tun?

Vielleicht das hier?

,----[ /usr/ports/UPDATING ]
| 20041115:
| AFFECTS: users of sysutils/portupgrade
| AUTHOR: lofi(at)
| Due to the recent removal of INDEX and INDEX-5 from FreeBSD's CVS,
| portupgrade with default configuration will run 'make index' if started
| after cvsup'ing the ports-collection. This may take an undesirably long
| time.
| There are several ways to work around this, for example:
| - Run 'make fetchindex' after cvsup'ing ports.
| or
| - Adjust the PORTS_INDEX variable in your environment or in
| pkgtools.conf (see portupgrade(1) or the default pkgtools.conf) to
| a different value than the default.
| Also remember that 'make index' is only supported on _complete_
| ports-trees. If you are currently refusing whole categories by means
| of a cvsup refuse file, use 'make fetchindex' instead (or consider
| keeping an extra machine/jail with a complete ports-tree around to
| do INDEX builds on).

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