jail on fbsd 5.0 - no way out?!

From: <naroz(at)gmx.net>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 14:47:36 +0200 (MEST)


I've installed a jail on my FBSD 5.0 machine like in the well known bsdpro
howto decribed.

Ok, my hardware enviroment looks slighty different - I have only one network
device (xl0) in that machine but afaik that should be not a problem... the
host ip is and the ip of the jail is I know there are
many reasons to run a jail on a second network device, however the jail is up
and everything inside works fine. But as soon as I got jailed (jail
/usr/jail/ jailtest /bin/sh) there is no way to connect to the
internet (e.g. ftp or lynx) or to any other machines in the host network

a ssh connection from outside ( into the successfully started
jail (jail /usr/jail/ jailtest /bin/sh /etc/rc) is
possible but after the successful ssh password verification the connection seems to
get freezed - I can't type or exit the shell... but a ps -ax on the host
shell shows me that the ssh connection to the jail ist still up!

my settings inside the jail:

Port 22
Protocol 2
#ListenAddress ::

hosts: localhost.mydomain.local localhost jail.mydomain.local jail

a netstat -rn inet shows me:
jailtest# netstat -rn inet
Routing tables
netstat: short read

pls help

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