Re: Rechner lahmt bei viel I/O

From: Bernd Walter <ticso(at)>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 17:49:00 +0200

On Sun, Sep 29, 2002 at 04:59:15PM +0200, Tilo Riemer wrote:
> Hallo,
> > options HZ=1000
> Was bewirkt diese Option?

Auszug aus /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT:
# The granularity of operation is controlled by the kernel option HZ whose
# default value (100) means a granularity of 10ms (1s/HZ).
# Some subsystems, such as DUMMYNET or DEVICE_POLLING, might benefit from
# a smaller granularity such as 1ms or less.
# Consider, however, that reducing the granularity too much might
# cause excessive overhead in clock interrupt processing,
# potentially causing ticks to be missed and thus actually reducing
# the accuracy of operation.

Im wesentlichen verändert man damit die Zeit nach welcher der Kernel
spätestenz den aktiven Prozess neu bestimmt.

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