Re: irc server fuer FreeBSD

From: Greg Lehey <grog(at)>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 13:33:21 +0930

On Friday, 5 October 2001 at 18:06:08 +0200, Dominic wrote:
> Hi Liste !
> Kennt jmd von euch einen IRC Server fuer FreeBSD ?

$ ls /usr/ports/irc
CVS irc liece-xemacs21-mule py-irclib slirc
Makefile ircII muh quirc tirc
bitchx ircatlite nethirc roxirc tircproxy
blackened ircd-hybrid ninja ruby-irc tkirc
bnc irchat-pj-emacs20 olirc ruby-rica trickyirc
bobot++ irchat-pj-xemacs21-mule p5-IRC ruby-rice xaric
dcc iroffer p5-POE-Component-IRC scrollz xchat
dircproxy irssi party scrollz-doc xchat-devel
epic4 kvirc pkg sic yagirc
ezbounce liece-dcc pure-emacs20 sirc zircon
infobot liece-emacs20 pure-xemacs21-mule sircd


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