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Dear students and graduates,, a pan-European graduate portal, brings you news,
articles, advice and career opportunities you cannot find elsewhere.
Currently, on planetgraduate you will find vacancies based in the UK,
Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Check out new recruiters and company listings
a new top deal ( offering
fantastic savings on telephone calls, or vote in the first ever online
survey of European MBA schools from October!

If you have had an interesting experience in your first job or internship,
why don't you send us a story for our 'Good Job - Bad Job' section?

Maybe you are thinking about setting up your own business -
( help is at hand on

 We rely on your input to make planetgraduate as interesting and dynamic as
possible. So, if you want to become a forum moderator in some of the
discussions that are kicking off soon, or you want to promote your course in
our new Choice Courses section, or indeed if you have any comments,
suggestions or contributions, get in touch at:

Thank you and enjoy surfing!

your planetgraduate team

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