30,000 Exclusive Images of Asia

From: Farah Cowan <info(at)fotoasia.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 00:02:02 -0000

Dear Sirs,

Here's how you can have access to more than 30,000 exclusive images of Asia in 4 easy steps:

Step One: Go to www.FotoAsia.com
Step Two: Browse or search for images by keywords
Step Three: Pay through credit cards via secure transactions
Step Four: Download the image/s

....and voila! you are done.

If you are targeting the Asian market, we can offer you royalty-free Asian images for your creative and publishing needs at competitive prices, from as low as US$30.00.

Need a catalog? Just go to www.FotoAsia.com and download our FREE e-Catalogs and browse at your own convenience.

Can't find an image you need? Send us an e-mail sales(at)FotoAsia.com and we will be glad to do a FREE search for you!

Thank you.

Ms Farah Cowan
Chief Marketing Officer
FotoAsia Pte Ltd
11 Kallang Place #02-08
Singapore 339155
Tel: 65-398-1373
Fax: 65-398-1393

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