Re: Rhein-Main User Group

From: Greg Lehey <grog(at)>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 12:53:49 +1030

[following up to the German list]

On Tuesday, 9 January 2001 at 1:43:50 +0100, Moritz Hardt wrote:
> Hello,
> i was looking over the German user groups, recently, and noticed
> that there is actually no group covering the Rhein-Main-Area and i
> thought about creating a user group for this area.
> And, since I don't know too much Freebsd-Users in that area, I
> wondered if there are any in this mailing list. So, if you are
> interested, please send me an email.
> I'd be pleased, if we could get something worked out.
> And for the rest of you, sorry, that i bothered you with some
> Germans-only stuff ;)

Well, that's what the German lists are for (*and* you can write in
German :-). I'm copying them here. I don't know of any either in
that area, but if you form one, please send me some HTML like at and I'll add you to that


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