UPS (Was: USV under FREEBSD)

From: Greg Lehey <grog(at)>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 08:12:49 +0930

On Tue, Sep 02, 1997 at 03:37:29PM +0100, Volkmar Bleicher wrote:
> Hallo all,
> I want to connect my APC USV to 2 FREEBSD 2.2.2 Servers.

Do you mean a UPS? You can't expect an English language group to
understand German abbreviations.

> The first will be the primary server which is connect with the serial
> port to the USV and a secondary server which will be shuttdown with the
> primary server.
> Has anybody some experience which this problem?

To quote Patrick Gardella <patrick(at)>:

> I'm running a SmartUPS from APS with UPSd (see below) for FreeBSD. Aside
> from some annoying console messages that I haven't taken the time to redirect,
> it works fine. (Paul Root was working on this, back in March (see List
> Archives) but I don't know if he solved it.)
> We bought a 1400W model to handle a fax server (Pentium 200, 128 M RAM 5 Gig
> HD, full tower). With running the cpu, the monitor, a Cyclades Multiport
> Serial Card, 8 external modems, and a printer, we are coming in at around
> 14-18% load. So 1400 is overkill (until we have a power failure).
> It handles shutdowns in the event it runs out of battery power. It also
> monitors several variables about the UPS itself. Load, battery status, etc.
> One of the interesting things you can do with it (someone else mentioned it
> a couple of weeks ago) is to monitor room temperature. The UPS keeps track of
> temp and sends it to the daemon. So, for example, I know they shut off the
> Air Conditioning at 9:05PM on Fridays and it comes back on at 6:22AM on Mondays.
> It was even sensitive enough that I could tell that the cleaning crew came in
> at 11:07PM on Friday. :)
> Patrick
> UPSd can be gotten from:
> it's in xperiment on the CD

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