Re: DNS Probleme in Deutschland!!!!

From: Wolfram Schneider <wosch(at)>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 17:51:19 +0100 (MET)

> Nachdem mir obiger Nameserver die IP-Adresse geliefert hat, konnte ich auch
> auf den Vogel zugreifen. Es stellte sich heraus, daß
> der neue Name ist. Die sind ja auch übernommen worden! Wie kann man nur son
> Sch* verzapfen. Bitte propagiert diese Info doch, damit die entsprechenden

Leading Software Company Changes Name to Avoid Confusion with Internet
Porn Denver -- A leading developer of high-performance graphical
software has changed its name from X Inside to Xi Graphics. The
reason: Ongoing confusion between the software developer and the
increasing number of X-rated pornography companies on the Internet.

"We develop software that solves performance, compatability, and
correcness issues in the UNIX X Windows environment," explains Richard
Van Dyke, vice president of marketing. "However, we do not address the
performance issues of the sexually adventurous."

The name X Inside brought a plethora of requests for pornographic
material, and even impacted the company principals in their dealings
outside the computer field. "An aspiring model even went so far as to
show me a portfolio of highly suggestive photographs," explained
Thomas Roell, president and chief technology designer. "We felt a name
change was in order."
Received on Fri 21 Mar 1997 - 17:53:45 CET

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