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Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 21:07:06 +0100

hello there,

since i don't know if this will reach a native german speaker, let me try
to put my question in plain english: i'm currently swapping between nt4
svr/wrk and linux redhat/suse (6.x). redhat doesn't seem to like my
system, i don't seem to like suse ;-) finally i've decided to put bsd on,
but i need to know a few things i couldn't figure out while checking the
docs online. the two floppies are ready and i'd rather continue installing
using the ftp method, but, booting from floppy will leave me with next to
nothing if it comes to connectivity, so, as of now, i haven't even
attempted to reboot. any clues? also, if you could possibly let me know
what to expect in terms of data? i've seen some serious bits-n-bytes
sitting on the server.
any help welcome, feel free to reply either in english or german.



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