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From: Ollivier Robert <roberto(at)>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 06:13:24 +0100 (MET)

It seems that Mark Murray said:
> Er, no. PHKmalloc is a 2.2 thing. I cannot remember dates, but it may be
> worth a recompile of perl5 on your current system to see if this goes away.

Probably but ensure that when you configure Perl not to use the Perl's
malloc (which derived from the BSD one if I remember well).
> Dates, someone? When did PHKmalloc go in?

>From the CVS log, the first commit is the following:

phk 95/09/16 02:28:15

  Modified: lib/libc/stdlib malloc.3 malloc.c
  Removed: lib/libc/stdlib free.3 realloc.3
  Performance is comparable to gnumalloc if you have sufficient RAM, and
  it screams around it if you don't.
  Compiled with "EXTRA_SANITY" until further notice.
  see malloc.3 for more details.

It was enhanced shortly after.

phk 95/10/08 11:44:21

  Modified: lib/libc/stdlib malloc.3 malloc.c
  "zero' and 'junk' options to help find and diagnose malloc abuse.
  EXTRA_SANITY defaults "junk" to on.
  Don't dump the internal state, unless EXTRA_SANITY.
  General code cleanup.
  Error messages cleaned up a bit, more checking earlier.
  EXTRA_SANITY is default at this time (just in case).
  Performance (without EXTRA_SANITY) is better, beats gnumalloc in
  both time & space most of the time:

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