FreeBSD & ISDN & dynamic ip's

From: Thomas Graichen <graichen(at)>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 10:09:56 +0200 (MET DST)

vielleicht kann mir ja einer von euch bei meinem kleinen (naja ist
eigentlich ein groesseres) problem weiterhelfen - ich hoffe es ist ok
- wenn ich einfach meinen englischen posting text hier nochmal rein
paste (wenn nicht kann ich auch gern nochmal die uebersetzte variante
schicken :-) - es ist relativ wichtig fuer mich das bis demnaechst
irgendwie zum laufen zu bekommen - da das die netzanbindung eines
jugendprojektes hier in berlin werden soll - und ich nicht gerade
unschuldig an der auswahl von FreeBSD als os bin :-) - so nun hier
mein problem:

hello - i'm currently trying to set up a couple of FreeBSD machines
for a friend and have one (maybe little) problem - one of them should
be connected via ISDN to a provider using dynamic ip numbers - we have
tested the ISDN card (german teles/s0) on another machine with a
static ip provider - and this worked fine - but how do i set ISDN up
to work with dynamic ip numbers ?

here's the state so far:

* kernel works fine so far using bisdn 0.97 (finds ISDN card and can
  communicate with it - tested via static ip provider on a nother

* to make dynamic ip's working it looks like the isdnpppd is the only
  way - so i patched & compiled all the stuff from the
  BISDN-ppp-FreeBSD2.2.tgz package (btw. we are using FreeBSD 2.2.2)
  and tried some simple experiemnts to get it working - but due to the
  lack of documentation i did'nt get very far

best would be is someone who has set up his FreeBSD machine to use
dynamic ip's to his provider can give me some hints on how to
configure all the stuff and how it works - i'm at the moment a bit
unclear of how all this works together (the ipi and the ppp interfaces
- bisdnd and isdnpppd)

if you need any further information please ask

thanks in advance for any hint


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