Amazing story - Microsoft replaced IBM AS/400's w/ NT systems AND then

From: Stefan Huerter <maulwurf(at)>
Date: 14 Nov 2000 06:20:00 +0100


hier sind doch bestimmt auch ein paar Story-Liebhaber dabei?!

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Thema: Amazing story - Microsoft replaced IBM AS/400's w/ NT
systems AND then had to reverse the decision...

Antonio Palacin
06.11.2000 20:28
From: Antonio Palacin/Germany/IBM(at)IBMDE
Subject: Amazing story - Microsoft replaced IBM AS/400's w/ NT systems AND
      then had to reverse the decision...

Das ist der Hammer! Die Key-Frage ist, warum haben die nicht ihren W2K eine
Chance gegeben? Etwa genau so schlecht?! Felix iSeries!
Kind Regards, Dr. Antonio Palacin
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Larry Zaykowski
11/03/00 01:11 PM

I just had this forwarded to me from our friends in the IBM AS/400 group
and thought that if you have not seen it before, then you would surely be
very interested in it. It is a nice supporting story to our multi-platform
Folks, this is a Great story that our partners should be telling their
customers. This was on the SAP400 newsgroup in the Midrange Technology
Showcase November issue. There is an article on the front page entitled
"IBM's Frank Soltis, Uncensored." Here's an excerpt:
Dr. Frank Soltis, the IBM engineer who has been called "the AS/400's
Elvis," recently shared a success story during a keynote speech at a user
conference in Florida. This particular company was in the software
distribution business and at one point had 23 AS/400s located around the
world. The company was a very good customer, went from CISC to RISC, and
was always one of the first to upgrade to new technology, he said. Then
came the Year 2000 problem, and
despite five years of dedicated service during a period of great revenue
growth, the company decided that it was time to move off the AS/400. So in
June of 1999, the company unplugged its AS/400s and powered up 1200 NT
servers it needed to replace them.
But things didn't quite go as planned. "They found they couldn't make it
work," Soltis told the crowd. "Today, one year after unplugging their
AS/400s, they're back on the AS/400." That company is Microsoft. "They
viewed that as a point of embarrassment," Soltis said. "We thought it was
kind of fun....Can you think of a company with greater incentive to move
to NT, and they couldn't do it?"
So it takes 1200 NT servers and you still can't run a business! That is
a damn shame. It's that integration thing again.. and again...

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