Re: German Advocacy on BSD

From: Alexander Langer <alex(at)>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 11:13:59 +0200

Thus spake Jordan K. Hubbard (jkh(at)

> USENET/WEB/EMAIL articles it generates, is also a reasonable indicator
> of how approachable an OS is and "approachability" is another
> important factor in our favor, something which Stefan's article sort
> of touches on but doesn't really illustrate in depth.

But most of the questions and problems that appear in
Usenet/Web/Email/IRC are very general and the answer is almost the
same for other OS' (BSD), too. (I think of "How do I configure the
network if-card?").

So far the user support which claims to be Linux support is also
partly BSD support.

> not saying that the other *BSDs are incapable of similar feats, but
> until they've powered a Yahoo, a Hotmail or an, it's
> an academic rather than proven fact. :-)

If you can believe Microsoft-payd studies, then it's proven that Linux
does NOT (see heise newsticker, some weeks ago, for the link).


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