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From: Udo Wolter <uwp(at)>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:36:11 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi !

> > We met in Udo Wolters Band's rehearsal room in Berlin Kreuzberg,
> > Urbanstrasse. Sure a very original meeting point.
> I'll bet! :-)

Hey, this is the only room I know of where it's raining sometimes...:-(

> > Music was nice to listen to, but FreeBSD specific matters
> And at this point, we know that Christoph is lying because I've heard
> some of this band's recordings and I don't think "nice" enters into
> the proper description anywhere (nor, I do believe, is it supposed
> to). . :-) :-)

??? We make nice and lovely music ! Example ? Ok, here's one sentence of our
song Quicky:

Love, Peace and Harmony

So what ? We're a Hippie band indeed ! :-)))
> > We listened to the band playing a selection of their
> > repertoire and then we all went to have a nice night meal
> > in a chinese restaurant round the corner.
> Where you probably still couldn't talk on account of the fact
> that all of you were now totally deaf. ;-)
> [Ooh, Udo is going to get me for all of this, I just know it ;) ]

Hae ? What did you write ? :-))
> > Thanks for an enjoying evening during my stay at the CHEP97
> > conference on Computing in High Energy Physics in Berlin from April 7-11
> > where I held the FreeBSD banner high and and showed other
> > physicists from all over the world, SLAC, FNAL, CERN, DESY
> > and other institutions that there's also "life in other galaxies".
> Great!! Thanks for both the evanglism and the report!

Yeah, FreeBSD and other galaxies...


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