Re: CT Magazine 11/96 - Unix For Free

From: Greg Lehey <grog(at)>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:37:49 +0200 (MET DST)

Julian H. Stacey writes:
> I don't know if
> chat(at) exists,
> but that's where this is sent, first off, if it bounces I'll try
> de-bsd-announce(at)
> The German CT Magazine will next Thursday 17th October 1996 in edition 11/96
> (yes they're always early the German electronics/computer mags)
> have a review article entitled Unix For Free,
> it will include Linux, FreeBSD, SCO, GNU.
> ( I know SCO is not free & they could have said HURD but didn't,
> I don't know why, I'm just an intermittent magazine reader)

SCO *is* free, unless you want to use it commercially. I have a copy
of on CD-ROM. Including exorbitant shipping rates, it cost
me approximately $30, or the same as a FreeBSD CD-ROM. Check for further details.

> They usually have a few articles on line, maybe this article will be one,
> it helps to read German, but even if you can't you'll perhaps be able to
> have a quick glance at the Op Sys release numbers, & any graphs & tables etc
> & see if they're comparing like with like.
> web page:
> chief editor: cp(at)
> I mentioned it now to give any German speaking readers a chance to
> perhaps quickly contact Heise, & check facts, I recall Jordan saying once
> that Heise were off target (I won't be contacting Heise myself,
> I live in Germany but my written German grammar is poor )

Heise is a publishing house. They have several magazines, including
iX (a UNIX magazine) and c't (more PC-based). I'm pretty sure that
Jordan was referring to iX, and I can heartily agree that they are
biassed and inaccurate. I used to write for iX, but I stopped because
they kept insisting on changing my scripts to fit their view of

c't, on the other hand, is one of my favourite magazines, one of the
exceptions to the rule that no there are no good computer magazines in
Germany I'm very much looking forward to the report. Sure, there will
probably be some inaccuracies, but I'm more inclined to think that
we'll get a good view of ourselves from outside ("FreeBSD could be the
best, but the poor support for ATAPI CD-ROMs pulled it down to the
bottom position").

It's far too late for changing anything. They would have frozen the
manuscripts about 14 to 20 days ago.

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