New 4.4BSD book - group buy (fwd)

From: Thomas Gellekum <thomas(at)>
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 17:13:18 +0200 (MET DST)

Ist Interesse vorhanden? Hat schon mal jemand größere Mengen Bücher
aus dem Ausland per Post bekommen und kann etwas zu Porto und Zoll


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OK, this is about the recently released Addison Wesley book, The Design
and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System, by McKusick, Bostic
Karels, and Quarterman.

I called Readme.doc, and they said they would be happy to offer a
discount, and yes, they would let the agregate of however many FreeBSDers
order count against one big discount pool. They said that they'd be
happy to arrange shipping, tho they would charge $3/per person shipping.

What they want is me to get a list of folks together who want to buy it,
so that they can estimate the cost. The book runs (full price) $48.37,
and Readme.Doc's discount is:

1-5 books 20 percent off
6-20 books 23 percent off
21-50 books 25 percent off

I didn't ask about any more, but it keeps on in like fashion. They said
that they DO handle European shipping, but it's very expensive on a
book-by book basis. They suggested that maybe someone in Europe could
get all the books (shrinking the shipping costs) and then re-ship there,
to cut the costs. I'm in Maryland, so I can't do that, someone in Europe
is going to have to volunteer that.

If you want the book, send me Email about it. Make sure you have a good
email return address. Don't send me money, don't send anything like
that, I'm just supposed to get names/numbers. I will send back payment
instructions when I think I have got everyone (1-2 weeks probably). For
folks inthe US, this probably means you'll end up calling Readme.Doc
direct, giving them a credit card number, and referencing the FreeBSD
group-buy. I'm just supposed to get names so they can figure a discount
to offer.

I'll repost when I get more info, when I get an idea how many folks want
to do this. I have several folks already mailing me, even before I knew
Readme.Doc would do this. For your info, I've been using Readme.Doc for
some time now, because they discount Unix books (like the 4.4BSD manuals
they sold me, and various other O'Reilly books I didn't have to pay full
price for). I have never had anything but good service from them.

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