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Company----------RJV Networks, Inc.
Current Price----$0.26
52 Week High-----$2.10
52 Week Low------$0.12

Target Price $2 in Q1/2003

Update: Experts agree that RJVN cancer treatment therapies
capable of treating most cancers.

Investment Highlights

RJVN projects it will be able to treat most cancers with
its combined targeted therapy treatment, which is based
upon an astounding discovery by a molecular biologist at
the Univ. of Michigan - The causal link to breast and most
other malignancies and cancers in the protein Mammastatin.
RJVN has developed a series of cancer treatment therapies,
which utilize pan-cancer market antibodies. Antibody
therapies do not create chemical toxicity and, as such,
are fast tracked through the regulatory approval process.
Using the therapy approach, RJVN is targeted to enter
testing for its products this spring.
RJVN's combination of two leading, well known technologies
previously announced by BioCurex and InNexus Corp along
with RJVN's key MAb protein replicating technology has
allowed the Company to create a series of patented
therapeutic products that many molecular biologists
believe will treat most cancers.

RJVN's R&D and Management are led by Dr. John Todd,
Dr. Charles Morgan (a world renowned molecular biologist
and 5 other industry leading Dr's all with several years
experience in bio-tech development.

For more info see RJVN in the news.

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