"alternative dependencies" - was muss ich dazu tun?

From: Heino Tiedemann <rotkaps_spam_trap(at)GMX.de>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 11:25:53 +0100


in meine ports/UPDATING ist dieser Eintrag zu finden.

| 20080208:
| AFFECTS: users of ports-mgmt/portupgrade
| AUTHOR: sem(at)FreeBSD.org
| As was claimed in the entry 20070301 below in this file, you should fill
| ALT_DEPENDS section of pkgtools.conf for portupgrade to work correctly
| with your alternative dependencies. Now it's an obligatory requirement.
| It was done as a compromise between speed and complexity.

Aha. Was muss ich mich denn jetzt um "alternative dependencies"
kümmern? Die kenne ich doch gar nicht. Was muss ich jetzt machen?


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