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From: Ian Lenzen <ian(at)all.info>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 11:54:41 -0600 (CST)

We are editing the UNIX section of all.info and would like to include
your web site: http://www.de.freebsd.org/

The all.info search directory addresses the issue of site credibility.
Web site producers are an integral part of all.info. As a site contact,
your input is essential in helping our users better find and evaluate
your website.

To update or simply to verify your site's listing, please click this link
to access your record:


More information about all.info and examples of how producer data is
displayed on our site is available at: http://www.all.info

Thanks in advance.

Ian Lenzen Editor, all.info

Note: You may use the link below to indicate that you are NOT the proper
site contact or to provide a corrected site contact:

If you have questions, please email: priority(at)all.info

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