SUCON '03 - Swiss Unix Conference 2003

From: Ihsan Dogan <ihsan(at)>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 15:41:20 +0200

SUCON '03 - Swiss Unix Conference 2003

The Swiss Unix Conference is taking place for the first time. It is
about education intended for open-minded individuals interested in
the Unix environment.

  Friday 5th September 2003, Kongresshaus Zurich

See the conference website for more information
and registration.

We invited several experts in the area of Unix and Open Source

Key Talks
 * Linux on iSeries
   Hans-Dieter Wehle, IBM Development Laboratory Germany
 * Gnome Technology and Direction
   Michael Meeks, Novell Ximian Services

 * Quality of Service under Linux: Theory and Use
   Bert Hubert, Author of the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO

 * Design and Performance of the OpenBSD Stateful Packet Filter
   Daniel Hartmeier, Author of the OpenBSD Packet Filter

See for a complete list of talks.

Finally, SUCON offers the opportunity for informal discussions among
participants on both technical and non-technical topics. SUCON is a
place to learn and to have fun!

A big thank you to our sponsors IBM Switzerland and Sun Microsystems

Contact <sucon(at)> for questions concerning the conference.

We look forward to meeting you at SUCON.

Ihsan Dogan for the SUCON'03 Committee

Swiss Unix User Group

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