Make $100 a day - and NO recruiting!

From: James Hammond <jlofton(at)>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 02:34:25 -0400

Here is a Participant-to-Participant program that
WILL Succeed Where Others Have Failed...
Therefore YOU Will Succeed with us!

Ours is different from other Member-to-Member
programs. We have learned from the mistakes made
in similar programs and have carefully structured
this one to address, and hopefully to eliminate,
those problems.
Here are just a few of our improvements:
1) We use Proprietary MONITORING Software To
Help Prevent Cheating and to Ensure Prompt and
Proper Participant Placement. In Our Program, If
You Dont PAY You Dont PLAY!
2) We have eliminated the rquirement to recruit in
order to make $100 a day.
3) You can borrow $100 from our Resource Fund to
get started if you cannot otherwise afford to join.


First, you must have an IntGold Account FUNDED
with at least $110.00. If you don't already have an
IntGold account, you can get a free one here at

After joining the program, you will pay a designated
participant $100 from your IntGold account; then you
will receive $100 from each of two other participants,
giving you a profit of $100. You will repeat this process
over and over again, making a $100 profit each time.
You COULD possibly receive multiple PAYS in a single day.

NO sponsoring is required, but if you want to
sponsor, you can earn ONE BONUS POSITION for
every FIVE PAID ACTIVE REFERRALS. (This could be
a great benefit to those who can sponsor, and it will
help to keep those PAYS coming indefinitely.)

We are DIFFERENT! We are the BEST Little $100
Program On or Off The Internet!

To see our web site, and to learn how to sign up,
just send a blank e-mail with "TP" as the Subject
to jlhammond(at)

To your success -
James L. Hammond

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