Re: Treiber?

From: Alexander Langer <alex(at)>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 22:08:11 +0200

Also sprach Oliver Fromme (olli(at)

> Bill ist sozusagen der FreeBSD-Netzwerktreiber-Gott. :-)

Stimmt, er hat sogar nen Vollbart, wie ein richtiger Gott.

Och menno, ich werde schon wieder offtopic.



PS: Fr 7 Apr 2000 19:44:50 CEST
<cmc> When I was younger we were so poor that we could only afford to
put a picture of cheese in our mouse traps.
<cmc> All we caught was a picture of a mouse.
* Anti-Bill gives cmc a picture of somebody laughing at his jokes.

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